Our goal is to make Capdesk an amazing place to work, and that means making sure you not only earn a competitive salary for the work you do, but also having access to great benefits.


 Equity ownership: We practice what we preach and give a good amount of equity to every employee who joins us. We use our very own internal calculator to make sure it's fair across the board. 

Company credit card: Every Capdesker receives their very own company credit card (Pleo) which will make expense management super easy. We trust you to make the right purchasing decisions.

Onboarding budget: We provide a generous onboarding budget before you start to purchase your equipment and everything else you might need to be productive. This includes your laptop, keyboard, headset, monitor etc and allows for a lot of autonomy for you as an individual.

Pension: If you're based in Denmark or the UK, you'll be auto-enrolled in our pension scheme.

Healthcare: For our employees based in Denmark, we offer private and medical healthcare as part of the pension scheme.


Flexible working: We trust you to get the work done, regardless of where in the world you are. 

Paid time off: We get 25 days of paid vacation per year and the number increases with every year of employment (up to 5 years). So if you've worked at Capdesk for 5 years, you'll enjoy 30 days off for example. In addition, we also offer 10 days of unpaid leave.

Mental health: We are using Spill who offer a wide range of mental health and emotional support opportunities.

Body & soul tokens: Every quarter, we get two tokens for the body - meaning we can buy Capdesk swag from our very own swag shop (organic and sustainable materials, of course). The two soul tokens are for things such as books, cooking classes, or you can choose to donate them to charity.

Extended parental leave: 26 weeks maternity, 17 weeks paternity (also includes adoption) and in the unfortunate circumstance we also offer miscarriage leave.

Get fit with India: Monthly workout hosted by our very own India!


Socials: We're a remote company at heart and realise that we don't have as much face time as if we were all located in one office. To make up for this, we have one hour per week for a virtual social gathering, and a bigger social at the end of every month where we take pub quizzes, have cooking classes or make cocktails.

Quarterly kick-offs: The event we're all looking forward to, it's very important to us! We like to reflect on how the last quarter went and are excited to plan for the upcoming one during our kick-offs, paired with a lot of social fun times. We hope that from 2022, we can do these in person again - meaning two trips abroad per year!


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